Councillor's night out ends at cop shop

07:59, Aug 24 2014
Jamie Gough
EMBARRASSING NIGHT OUT: Christchurch City Councillor's Jamie Gough ended up in a police station.

A Christchurch City Councillor has had an embarrassing night out that ended with a taxi driver taking him to a police station because he couldn't pay his fare.

Jamie Gough admitted he ended up at a police station last week after mixing alcohol with antibiotics and "freaking out".

"I needed to get home in a hurry. I was feeling very, very crook."

He told the Sunday Star-Times he got in a cab but during the trip home, realised he didn't have his wallet. "The [taxi driver] started freaking out that I was not going to pay him and took me to a police station. The guy just wanted to know he was going to get his money."

Gough said he called his partner, who came to the station and paid the driver. "It was all sorted out. I was not arrested or anything. It was just a misunderstanding that was rectified - everyone was happy."

Gough could not remember how many drinks he'd had.

"I'd been on antibiotics since I got back from holiday. I didn't judge it - it's not a good mix. It was embarrassing because it spiralled a bit. I promise I'll never have a beer after I've had antibiotics again in my life."

The taxi driver confirmed Gough's story, and said the councillor had given him a $50 gift card the next day. Gough is part of the wealthy Christchurch property developing family.


Sunday Star Times