Son bashed parents after trespass order

04:20, Aug 26 2014
Police are searching for Douglas James Archer, 59, in connection with the serious assault on an elderly St Martins couple in Christchurch on Friday.
Douglas James Archer.

An elderly woman issued a trespass order against her son before he allegedly attacked her and his stepfather in their family home, a court has heard.

The trial of a man accused of attacking and robbing the elderly couple in their St Martins home in March 2013 began yesterday in the Christchurch District Court.

Douglas James Archer, 59, is charged with causing grievous bodily harm to his mother June Geary, 80, and her husband Arthur Eaton, 72. He is also charged with one count of aggravated robbery.

It is alleged Archer attacked the couple and stole $1000 cash, a DVD player and a Honda Accord.

Geary was left bleeding with broken bones and extensive bruising. Eaton suffered cuts to his face and bruising. Geary was treated in hospital for a week.

Geary told the court that she was on her way to the toilet at about 11am after taking a nap when she was hit from behind.


"He was just thumping me with this club," she said.

Geary said she was covering her face so did not see her son but recognised his voice.

"I said stop it Doug... He kept hitting me."

Then she pretended to go limp. He then kicked her twice before leaving her alone. Geary managed to get to her garden to raise the alarm with a neighbour.

A statement from Eaton read to the court said that he heard a scream. He found Archer in the house. He was allegedly holding a pair of scissors and a cut throat razor. Archer started stabbing at Eaton and then slashed at his face with the razor.

Geary said in the weeks before the attack Archer had been living in her sleep out. He owed her money and Geary no longer wanted him living there.

She said her son also had a drug addiction.

She issued a trespass notice and arranged for some of his belongings to be thrown out.

"We used to have our squabbles," she said.

He had previously pawned her possessions without permission, she said.

The trial is set down for two weeks.

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