Helen Milner appeal angers victim's sister


The sister of murdered Christchurch man Philip Nisbet is angry his killer plans to appeal her convictions to the Supreme Court.

Helen Milner was sentenced to life in prison in February after she was found guilty of the murder and attempted murder of her husband, Philip James Nisbet, in 2009. She later appealed against her convictions, with lawyer Rupert Glover arguing there was no way she could have delivered the fatal dose of Phenergan tablets to her husband without him noticing.

The Court of Appeal ruled the jury was within its rights to rule out the possibility of suicide based on the evidence it heard.

LEE-ANNE CARTIER: Her investigations helped bring Milner to justice.
LEE-ANNE CARTIER: Her investigations helped bring Milner to justice.

The New Zealand Herald yesterday reported Glover had applied for leave to appeal with the Supreme Court and was waiting to hear whether that was granted.

Milner maintained her innocence and he believed she "may have grounds" to appeal, he said.

Glover previously told The Press any Supreme Court appeal needed to be filed by September 2.

Nisbet's sister, Lee-Anne Cartier, said the new appeal was "just ridiculous".

"[Milner's] always looking for the ‘get out of jail free' card and there ain't one. She murdered my brother. She's got to pay."

Cartier said the Crown presented a "solid case" during Milner's trial, and another appeal was "just a waste of taxpayer money".

"We may as well get all this bullshit over and done with this year . . . then she can get on with rotting."

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