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Four years and no repairs

23:54, Sep 03 2014
Quake repairs
NO REPAIRS: Sharri Anderson's family has been waiting four years to have repairs done.

The constant battle with the EQC has taken its toll on our family like many others.

It's been four years and still we have had no repairs.

After the quake I received a cheque in the mail for $2500. I didn't know what it was for as didn't have a full assessment done.

When I called they said it was to fix my property. I laughed and said it would not fix one room. After years of fighting with EQC, I called again in May.

I was told by someone at EQC that they were waiting on me returning the payment I got and then Fletchers would come and consider the scope of the works with my chosen builder. It took them all these years to tell me this.

When I asked why they hadn't told me this before now the answer I got was, "We would have told you eventually."


I was expected to accept this.

My neighbours are in their 80s and haven't yet had an assessment of their property.

She calls EQC and comes of the phone in tears. She believes she will be dead by the time her house is fixed.

Both our homes are only five years old. It's heart breaking going through this. We just want to have our homes fixed and move on with living.

They say they are on track to complete by end of 2014. That's changed to 2015. And so it goes on....

No one can tell me the criteria for some work being complete and others being left. So yes, I'm stuck in September 4, 2010. And I'm sure there are more than they let on.

On a positive note, I think the new city will be awesome when it's complete and a great place to enjoy life. I just hope my elderly neighbours get to see it.