Exploding toilet horror

23:44, Apr 07 2011

An earthquake damaged toilet "exploded" in Woolston, shooting sewage all over the ceiling and walls.

Danielle Simpson walked into her bathroom yesterday and said she was faced with a "scene from a horror movie".

"It was quite surreal really. There was poo all over the walls, ceiling and floor. It was just disgusting," she said.

Simpson's family have been using a chemical toilet since February 22 when the earthquake blocked and damaged their sewerage system.

She said the sewerage line had been repaired on Monday and the family had been flushing their toilet for the past three days.

 But when the sucker trucks and water blasters arrived to clear the drains in her area yesterday they pushed the excrement up through the Simpson's unblocked sewerage line and out their toilet.


"I had heard urban myths about toilets exploding and just thought it was rubbish. I though the toilet water would just rise and spill over but it didn't, it coughed and shot out of the toilet," she said.

Simpson has four young children and her house is due to be demolished after sustaining serious damage in the earthquake.

She said she didn't know what to do when she discovered the filth all over her bathroom.

"I opened the door and I was too shocked to cry. There was poo water and pieces of toilet paper just everywhere."

Simpson spent an hour cleaning her bathroom yesterday and said she ran out of cloths and bleach.

She warned the people of Christchurch, who have the luxury of a flushing toilet, to keep their lids down at all times.

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