Man charged over Tindall bar video

22:29, Sep 17 2011
CCTV footage taken at Altitude bar
CAPTURED: CCTV footage taken at Altitude bar taken during the English team's night out in Queenstown.

A 40-year-old Queenstown man has been arrested and charged following the release of CCTV footage showing England captain and Royal husband Mike Tindall on a night out in a backpacker bar.

A Wellington police spokesman said the man was arrested and charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purpose.

The man was released on bail and is expected to appear in the Queenstown District Court tomorrow.

CCTV footage taken at Altitude bar
CCTV footage taken at Altitude bar taken during the English team's night out in Queenstown.

It is understand the man charged is bouncer Jonathan Dixon, of Queenstown.

The CCTV footage showed newlywed England captain Tindall cavorting with a mystery blonde in a Queenstown nightclub.

Tindall's wife, Zara Phillips - the Queen's granddaughter - is standing by her husband, saying the blonde is an old friend and the incident has been "blown out of all proportion".


Yesterday, a police spokeswoman said Queenstown police had received a complaint from the general manager of Altitude Bar, Blair Impey, in relation to alleged unauthorised accessing of CCTV security footage.

Dixon said he released the 12 minutes of footage of Tindall and a young blonde woman at the bar on Sunday night so people could make up their own mind about Tindall's behaviour.

"I'm a man who feels very sorry for what Mike Tindall has done to the royal family."

Phillips, who married the rugby star less than two months ago, has shrugged off the footage. A spokeswoman for Phillips said: "This girl in the video is an old friend of Mike and Zara and has known Mike since university days. She is English but lives in Australia and was on holiday in New Zealand. Zara is very relaxed about all this."

Meanwhile, the Irish rugby team came under the spotlight for alleged heavy drinking, with UK tabloid The Sun reporting a booze-fuelled, five-hour bender at Queenstown's Ballarat pub.

Irish rugby bosses said the squad had permission for the night out.

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