NZ teen's Facebook threat sparks US alarm

A Canterbury student had Texas authorities on alert for hours after posting a message saying he would "go to school and shoot everyone".

The teen, from Rangiora High School, left the note on his fake Facebook profile with a Texas address on Thursday US time, sparking panic among local police, reports said.

The Jacksonville Daily Progress said a mother in North Carolina alerted them to the message after her stepson saw the threat.

On the boy's phoney facebook account he had written about being bullied, burning inside with violence, cutting himself and said "I shell go to school and shoot everyone in sight", KLTV reported.

His Facebook page indicated the boy lived in "Mt Heaven, Texas".

Cherokee County sent two investigators to the area in an attempt to locate the boy or his family, while Jacksonville police attempted to identify the student at school.

They found it difficult because the profile name and the name shown on Facebook were different.

Investigators then contacted Facebook with an "Exigent Circumstances" information request on the profile's IP address to learn where the posts were originating, the Daily Progress said.

Within eight minutes of the request, Facebook responded and investigators traced the IP address back to an Internet Service Provider out of Auckland.

Another Facebook profile was located with the student's name and indicating he lived in New Zealand.

Officials sent an email to Rangiora High School in North Canterbury and to local police.

The school responded thanking the Cherokee police for the information. New Zealand police said they had located the student who confessed to making the threats.

Rangiora High thanked the departments for their proactive help and mentioned the student had been known as a victim of severe bullying and was receiving counselling as a result.