Sir Hamish farewelled

Farewell: Mournersd gather for the funeral of Sir Hamish Hay this afternoon.
Farewell: Mournersd gather for the funeral of Sir Hamish Hay this afternoon.

Mourners gathered in Christchurch this afternoon to farewell the city's longest-serving mayor, Sir Hamish Hay.

Hay, who saw himself as a bridge-builder, died on Sunday night, aged 80.

Hay was mayor for five terms, from 1974 to 1989, during the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games and the building of the Town Hall. He retired due to ill health but later returned to politics, serving on the Canterbury Regional Council from 1995 to 2001.

Hay married Judith Gill in 1955 and they had five children. Lady Hay achieved prominence in several women's and family organisations and was awarded the Queen's Service Order in 1987.

Hay was knighted in 1982. His father, James, and brother, David, were also knighted and one of his two sisters, Laurie Salas, was a dame.

Hay's funeral began at 2pm at Knox Church, Bealey Avenue.

Sir Hamish Hay 1927-2008
September 7, 2008 Died.
1989: Retired from local body politics upon medical advice.
1982: Invested as Knight Bachelor.
1974: Elected Mayor of Christchurch for the first of five terms. Retires from business interests.
1962: Deputy managing director of Hays.
1972: Chairman of the councils Town Hall committee when the Town Hall was officially opened.
1958: Appointed chairman of the finance committee of Town Hall Promotion.
1947: Joined staff of Hays department store, which had been founded by his father, James.
1955: Married Judith Gill.
1959: Elected to the Christchurch City Council and begins 15 years as a councillor.
1945: Started work as an accounting clerk.
1940-44: Attended St Andrews College.
December 8, 1927: Born with twin brother David.

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