Man charged with attack on teenager

02:24, Sep 25 2012

A man faces charges after he was alleged to have assaulted a high school pupil in Linwood.

A police spokesman said the Mairehau High School pupil was waiting at a bus stop near the corner of Linwood Ave and Cashel St when a 45-year-old man allegedly assaulted him about 11am.

He said three witnesses claimed to have seen the man, a sickness beneficiary, start the fight.

It is understood two members of the public intervened and separated the pair.

The man told police that the boy was spitting close to him. He told him to stop and the teenager assaulted him.

Both the teenager and the man suffered facial injuries during the incident.


The spokesman said the man was "beaten up reasonably badly".

"He's ended up on the ground at some stage. There was a pool of blood that was all his,'' he said.

''He's got a nasty laceration to his left eye. It looks like the boy got a decent punch in at some stage."

The man was charged with assault with intent to injure, but the charge could be changed if the teenager was found to have a serious injury, he said.

The teenager was taken to Christchurch Hospital with a suspected neck injury.

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