Leaky home gets temporary repairs

06:13, Jul 18 2013
Leaky house
WATER TIGHT: Tracey McKeefry in her earthquake-damaged North New Brighton home.

The Christchurch woman who had 400 litres of water flood through her earthquake damaged house is still waiting for answers, but is now waiting in a water-tight home.

Last month, Tracey McKeefry's North New Brighton home was flooded with water when wild weather hit Christchurch.

Despite some emergency repairs undertaken by EQC, the quake-damaged house was not water tight.

Hundreds of litres of water leaked into the house through the roof, with McKeefry struggling to contain the water in buckets.

It was the family of four's third winter in the home and McKeefry did not know how they would stand another.

Today, McKeefry told The Press that she was still waiting to hear whether her home was a rebuild or a repair.

However, temporary repairs had been undertaken on the roof, so that the family were now at least dry.

"After the story ran a roofing company came and helped us out. The job was quite big - it was a full-on temporary repair - but they came up with a solution," she said.

"We've got inside guttering that runs from the top of the roof and along the inside of the bad area through a hole to the outside and into the courtyard to drain away."

The temporary repairs, paid for by insurance, had so far proved to be effective, McKeefry said.

"With the rain and bad weather over the weekend we didn't have a leaky house for the first time in three years. It was nice not to have buckets everywhere."

The next step was to "get some answers", she said.

"The house has to be permanently fixed at some stage, I'm sure."


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