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You can choose between different subscription options to suit you.

Options include Monthly, Express Pay Direct Debit, 6 monthly or 12 monthly

Subscription options:
* Express Pay Direct Debit $35.30 - Save 32% off the retail price

* Monthly Invoice $37.00

* 6 Monthly $208.00 paid in advance (26 weeks) - Save 33% off the retail price

* 12 Monthly $380.00 paid in advance (52 weeks) - Save 39% off the retail price
NB: Rural subscribers who receive their newspaper via NZ Post will incur an additional rural mail delivery fee. All subscriptions are based on a 6 day per week delivery.

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Call 0800 339 100 to order over the telephone
Customer Service Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm, Saturday 7-10am

You can also email to subscribe or for general information

Benefits of having The Press home delivered:

The very best and latest news, views and information, conveniently delivered to your home 6 days per week.

Save on the retail price.

A range of subscription options and exclusive subscriber offers and competitions every week.

Sale and saving opportunities from an extensive range of major and local advertisers.

Missed, wet or damaged papers either credited or redelivered if within defined Press redelivery boundary and notified before 9am Mon-Fri or 10am Sat.

Subscriber Giveaways
The Press regularly runs promotions and giveaways exclusively for subscribers. Keep and eye out in your daily paper! For some offers, subscribers will automatically be entered into the draw and will be notified directly that they've won a prize. It's that easy!

Subscriber Discounts
The Press has strong relationships with businesses throughout our community, which allow us the opportunity to occasionally pass on discounts to our subscribers.

Paper Forwarding
While you're away from home, we can forward your paper to a different address, provided it is within our standard delivery area. So if you're heading to a holiday house or bach, why not get The Press forwarded to your home away from home? Just give us a call or email us on at least 24 hours before you head away and we can discuss this option with you.

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Holiday stops and starts

You can now go online to put your newspaper deliveries on hold while you're on holiday by clicking here 

Holiday Donations
Instead of putting your paper on hold while you’re on holiday, you also have the option to donate your paper to local hospitals, charities or schools. Please call or email us at to arrange this option.

Want to pay by monthly direct debit?
With our Express Pay facility, your subscription to The Press is paid automatically by direct debit. You no longer have to write out cheques or deal with postage costs and delays. You can have your monthly subscription amount debited directly from your bank account or credit card.

Plus, all subscribers who choose to pay their accounts by Express Pay are automatically entered into our monthly $1000 Express Pay Prize Draw.

Call us to discuss your options or email To download an Express Pay form CLICK HERE

Contact Us:
0800 339 100
Newspaper Sales, Private Bag 4722, Christchurch

Customer Service Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm, Saturday 7-10am

Main email contact: to request a Direct Debit form for subscribers wishing to place a temporary stop on their paper to report a missed delivery to subscribe to The Press

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