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NB: Rural subscribers who receive their newspaper via NZ Post will incur an additional rural mail delivery fee. All subscriptions are based on a 6 day per week delivery.

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CALL 0800 339 100 Monday to Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm, Saturday and Public Holidays 7:00am to 12:00pm 


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The Press runs promotions and giveaways exclusively for subscribers. Keep and eye out in your daily paper!

Missed Copies
We will make every effort to ensure your newspaper arrives  safely each day. Occasionally, your copy may not arrive. If that 
happens, we'd like to know about it so we can ensure that it doesn't happen again. The most convenient way to manage your subscription including missed papers is by using

You can also email us at or simply call us on 0800 339 100.

If your newspaper is not delivered for any reason, you won't be charged - you'll receive a credit or an extension by a day to your order (this depends on your type of order).

A redelivery service is available in some parts of The Press and Sunday Star-Times home delivery area if you call us before 9am Monday to Friday or 10am on Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately, this service is not available everywhere.

Late Copies
Delivering The Press all over the South Island is serious business for our dedicated delivery teams. Alas, our terrain, climate and 
other factors out of our control sometimes mean late deliveries to some parts of our network. If you suspect your copy may be 
running late call our Customer Contact Centre.

Putting your paper on holiday stop 
If you're going to be away from home, we recommend that you get a neighbour to collect your newspaper, or you can ask us to temporarily stop your delivery. Just let us know the dates you would like to stop and restart your delivery. You'll receive a credit or have your order extended for the days you've missed.

Forwarding your paper
If you're going away to an address within our standard delivery area, you can have your home delivery moved to your new location while you're there. Call 0800 339 100 at least 24 hours before you head away to arrange this.

Donating the value of your paper
Every year, many subscribers of The Press donate the value of their newspapers to help provide free subscriptions to local hospitals, charities and schools. If you'd like to help support your local community in this way, simply let us know when 
you arrange your holiday stop. 

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