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Last updated 09:54 22/05/2008

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EXPRESS PAY is the easy, no fuss way to pay for your Press subscription

* With EXPRESS PAY your subscription to The Press is paid automatically by direct debit
* Forget about writing out cheques and withdrawing cash from the bank or cash machine
* Forget about postage costs and time

EVERY SUBSCRIBER PAYING BY EXPRESS PAY IS IN OUR MONTHLY DRAW TO WIN $1000 CASH - if you are not an EXPRESS PAY subscriber, simply complete the EXPRESS PAY form and you will be in the draw to win. There will be one winner each month.

How does EXPRESS PAY work?
You will pay a fixed monthly rate of $35.30. This amount will debited directly from your bank account or credit card on the 20th of each month. The amount will only change when you suspend your home delivery while on holiday or we credit you for a missed delivery.

Don't want to pay monthly? It is not a problem to switch your 6 or 12 month subscription to EXPRESS PAY.

Am I eligible for EXPRESS PAY?
If you are a current subscriber and pay on either a monthly, 6 or 12 month account, you can change your payment plan over to EXPRESS PAY.

New subscribers can also subscribe on Express Pay. Call 0800 339 100 or email to subscribe.

What is the cost?
There is no cost to join up to Express Pay. Your usual bank fee for electronic transactions will apply.

When does my bank account get deducted?
Please allow 20 working days for your EXPRESS PAY authority to be approved by your bank. Your first EXPRESS PAY payment will be made on the 20th of the month following approval by your bank.

What happens to any balance if I switch from a monthly, 6 or 12 month account to EXPRESS PAY?
If you are an existing subscriber paying by invoice and your Press account has an outstanding balance, this balance will be added to your first EXPRESS PAY payment. Carried forward credit balances will be deducted from your first EXPRESS PAY payment.

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How do I get an EXPRESS PAY form?
There are 3 easy ways to get an EXPRESS PAY direct debit form:

1. Download a pdf form here, fill it in with your bank details and signature and post this form back to Newspaper Sales Department, The Press, Private Bag 4722, Freepost 117495, Christchurch.

2. Email us at with your name and address and we will post a form out to you.

3. Phone our Newspaper Sales Team on 0800 339 100 to request a form.

Terms & Conditions of EXPRESS PAY
Subscribers wishing to pay their subscription via EXPRESS PAY must receive The Press on a Monday to Saturday basis (with the exception of non-publishing days and temporary stops).

- The Press

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