Millennium Hotel repairs start

TO BE FIXED: The Millenium Hotel in Cathedral Square.
TO BE FIXED: The Millenium Hotel in Cathedral Square.

A multimillion-dollar project to repair the 178-room 5-star Millennium Hotel Christchurch in Cathedral Square has begun in earnest and will take 18 months, the hotel operator says.

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels NZ operator also committed to other hotel projects in the quake-damaged central city, managing director BK Chiu said.

He has welcomed the release of the Christchurch Central Development Unit's (CCDU) recovery plan, saying the economic activity it will stimulate is the way to bring confidence back into the damaged heart of Canterbury.

The hotel owner and operator would work to re- establish its presence. The company was interested in joining the public-private partnership proposed to set up a large convention centre and two new hotels.

'The two proposed hotel sites adjacent to the proposed convention centre are of interest to Millennium & Copthorne. We will be working with Cera as they commence the rebuild of the CBD in earnest.'

While the future of the Copthorne Hotel Christchurch Central, located on Victoria Square, remained undecided with talks continuing with insurers, there were a number of possible options for the site, Chiu said.

The CCDU had proposed that a performing arts precinct would be built on and around the area now occupied by the Copthorne Central and other buildings.

There was a question mark around the precinct site location, which would depend on what happened to the Town Hall.

Chiu said that if the precinct did go ahead as indicated then the existing hotel would be demolished anyway as the building would not be suitable to be part of a performing arts precinct at the site which would be acquired by the Government.

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