World Vision tie-up gets results

19:00, Nov 04 2012

A city halfway across the world is getting a helping hand from a Christchurch business.

AuCom Electronics, which makes slow-start motors, has established a project working with a community in Guntur, India, in conjunction with World Vision.

The project will focus on assisting orphans and vulnerable children.

AuCom had previously sponsored 200 children through World Vision, but decided it would be more cost- effective and efficient to invest in a larger World Vision project.

"We're moving from sponsoring a single child to sponsoring a whole region," said AuCom marketing manager Marcus Shaw.

"This has never really been done before."


He said the company would work primarily on providing health education, access to schooling for children and providing income generation and low interest loans for parents.

Shaw said the company hoped to lead by example, encouraging other local businesses to get involved in similar projects.

"We want to show other business owners how we've done things and how they can do it as well," Shaw said.

"We don't care where people are sponsoring we just want other companies involved."

Shaw will travel to India in December to visit the community.

World Vision development partner manager Louden Keir said AuCom had long been one of their largest sponsors, and had been looking for a better way to invest their money.

"We had a particular project in India that we thought would be a good match."

An official launch for the project was held last week.

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