Internet software company launched

23:28, Dec 11 2012

An internet software company has been launched to make it easier for businesseses to get fresh content and harness social media for their websites.

The software company is being driven by Jonny Hendriksen and Paul Bingham, both who have resided in Canterbury in recent years, and who are keen to take the concept global.

Shuttlerock will mean generating fresh content that is recognised by search engines has never been easier or more affordable, Bingham said.

"Currently there is just not enough time to keep adding fresh content to a company website. There are also too many social channels to chase effectively and more are coming."

Bingham said Shuttlerock was developed to tackle a number of current problems many businesses experience with their online marketing efforts, problems both he and Hendriksen had encountered running their own businesses."

Companies are challenged to get best use out of social media sites, search engine optimisation can be complicated and often is expensive and some content management systems can also be complicated and often only one person looks after it," Hendriksen said.


"From our own experiences we know more and more customers are demanding up to date and interactive content from their web experience. The days of the static website content have come to an end as customers are demanding up to date content."

Hendricksen said it was the first time that a company has created a means for businesses to reach a customer's friends and receive recognition from search engines for content on their website.

"The Shuttlerock system creates lots of good relevant content meaning potential customers stay on a site longer, and that means they are more likely to take action."

The owners behind Shuttlerock include Hendriksen and Tim Williams, who together founded companies in Japan in the early 2000s.

The pair built up and listed two internet advertising/ marketing companies on the Japanese exchange - Valueclick Japan (taken public in 2000) and Valuecommerce Japan (2006).

The pair - originally schooled at Takapuna Grammar - had since sold down those interests.

The two men bought the luxury resort Terrace Downs on the edge of the Rakaia River in Canterbury in 2004 and sold the 250 hectare rural property to a Japanese investor in June.

Bingham co-owns successful tourism cruise business Black Cat Cruises with Real Journeys, is also is a director of Air New Zealand.

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