Forsyth Barr building may be repaired

18:31, Dec 23 2012
Forsyth Barr 1
LAST STAIRWELL: Concrete stairwells that collapsed during the February earthquake are removed from the Forsyth Barr building.
Forsyth Barr 2
INSPECTION: Wayne Murphy working with the last staircase to come out of the building on the 15th floor.
Forsyth Barr 3
SILHOUETTE: A worker on the top floor of the nearby PWC building.
Forsyth Barr 4
UNUSUAL VIEW: The old Crowne Plaza site looking north down Victoria St.
Forsyth Barr 5
UP HIGH: Wayne Murphy is lowered from the roof of the Forsyth Barr building so engineering assessments can take place.
Forsyth Barr 6
KEEPING WATCH: Project manager Miles Romanes on the roof of the Forsyth Barr building.
Forsyth Barr 7
COLLAPSED: The bottom foyer of the Forsyth Barr building where the stairwell collapsed on February 22.
Forsyth Barr trapped office worker
TRAPPED: An office worker ponders his escape after stairs failed in the Forsyth Barr building during the February 22 quake.
Forsyth Barr building
NO DECISION: Owners of the Forsyth Barr building are still considering whether to repair or demolish.
Forsyth Barr rescue
RSCUED: Office workers were lowered on ropes to escape the Forsyth Barr building when the stairs failed in the February quake.

The Forsyth Barr building's owners have not yet made a decision to demolish or repair the high rise across from Victoria Square.

Sources in the construction sector said it was likely to be demolished, but Peter Rae, a director of the company that owns the building, said that was "getting ahead of the game". He said it had been a long, involved process and the company had only just completed an engineering and scoping exercise and now had estimates for repairs or rebuilding, the two options.

Those had been submitted to the loss adjuster working on behalf of the insurer. They would be testing the process and technology by which the estimates were arrived at.

"It will be well into the new year before they respond with their view on that," Rae said.

They were gathering all the facts and figures and Rae hoped a decision on whether to demolish or repair would be made in February or March.

The owners of the building are mainly from Canterbury. John and Melinda MacFarlane and Rae are the two largest shareholders of the company.


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