Health board seeks Mainzeal replacements

The Canterbury District Health Board is talking to building contractors about picking up the unfinished projects caused by the collapse of Mainzeal Property and Construction.

The health board has been told by the receivers of Mainzeal, Colin McCloy and David Bridgman of PricewaterhouseCoopers, they will not continue with the CDHB contracts. They involved Hillmorton Hospital.

"We are currently working through the best solution with regard to all three projects - the adult mental health inpatient unit, where work is 60 per cent complete, the Fergusson building refurbishment, where work is around 10 per cent complete, and general earthquake remedial repairs on the Hillmorton site," a CDHB spokeswoman said.

"Work will resume as soon as possible and we are in discussions with relevant parties with a particular focus on the adult mental health inpatient unit. This is being worked through as a matter of urgency."

The owners of Hornby Mall are negotiating with interested parties for their $47 million expansion, where the main contractor had been Mainzeal.

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