Christchurch too expensive to visit

23:13, May 15 2013

Christchurch is becoming an expensive city to visit, a bank visitor says.

That is one of the observations of Tony Alexander, the BNZ's chief economist, who is even considering visiting less often because of it.

Alexander said a taxi fare from Christchurch airport to the Chateau on the Park cost $48. There were no traffic impediments to hold up the taxi.

"What I'm finding is visiting Christchurch is becoming a less and less pleasant experience in that . . . it seems expensive to visit here in terms of airfares, the taxis, the hotel cost."

Alexander acknowledged it was supply and demand working.

"I've got to be honest, I'm trying to avoid giving talks in Christchurch for the next wee while. I was so angry after that $48 taxi fare. It's just ridiculous, straight along Memorial Ave and Straven Avenue [sic]. It's just out of line.


"That's just my personal observation about visiting here. It's become trying to visit Christchurch. I would have thrown something in about fog but Auckland was closed by fog last night and this morning."

A recent survey shows Christchurch has the highest average hotel room rate of the four main cities.

The Tourism Industry Association's annual survey shows Christchurch's average rate is $152 a night compared to Auckland's $136 and Wellington's $141.

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