Cera website hacked

03:59, Jul 25 2013

Government officials are investigating after malicious software was deliberately embedded into the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) website.

A routine check yesterday revealed that the bug, known as c99madshell, was uploaded to the website.

Cera acting chief executive Warwick Isaacs said private information was not compromised.

This type of software was used to hack into web systems and search for private information, particularly credit card numbers, but this was not contained on Cera's website, he said.

The external company that manages the server advised Cera to take the website offline after the anomaly was found yesterday.

Isaacs said the investigation showed that the dangerous software had not been activated after it was embedded.


He said the software was most likely implanted with ''malicious intent''.

''While it is disappointing that there are people intent on causing damage in this way, I'm very glad to find our security systems have identified this issue.''

There was no suggestion any part of the Cera site had been compromised, but the authority was treating the situation with ''the highest degree of seriousness'', he said.

Isaacs said he had asked for every page of information updated on the site in the past month to be checked to ensure no text, photographs or videos had been corrupted.

Information that can be viewed on the website is correct as of June 24, but updates on the central-city cordon map and subsequent lifting of cordons will not be up to date.

Isaacs expected the site to be fully restored today.

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