Baby monitors recalled

21:55, Nov 25 2013
PRODUCT RECALL: Several models of the Angelcare Movement and Sound baby monitors have been recalled in the US and Canada.

Angelcare Monitors is voluntarily recalling 600,000 baby monitors in the US and Canada after two babies died due to strangulation. The monitors are also on sale in New Zealand, but have not been recalled here.

Instead, New Zealand consumers are being offered a free cord cover, to help fix the safety concerns.

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STRANGULATION RISK: Babies can get tangled up in cords from the monitor if they pull them into their cot.

The US and Canadian recall is the result of two baby deaths in the past nine years, which were the result of the babies getting entangled in cords attached to the Angelcare monitor.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said a cord attached to the monitor's sensor pad and then placed under the cot's mattress poses a strangulation risk if a child pulls the cord into the cot. The sensor pad is designed to detect a baby's movement and give parents peace of mind.

Two American babies died after strangling on the monitor's cords. In November 2011 a 13-month-old girl died in San Diego , and in August 2004 an 8-month-old girl died in Oregon. In both cases the girls had pulled cords into their cots and gotten entangled.


The US and Canada recall was only issued on November 21 and relates to Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitors made between 1999 and 2013 with these model numbers: AC1100, AC201, AC300, AC401 AC601 and 49255. The model number can be found on the back of the monitor unit.

What's happening in NZ

The recall does not affect any Angelcare products bought or sold from Australian or New Zealand retailers and is specific to American and Canadian units only. Child's Play, the New Zealand distributor of the products says New Zealand consumers can get a free rigid cord cover. You need to email, with your name, address, phone number and place of purchase.

If you bought an Angelcare monitor oveseas, you will need to contact the retailer you bought it from.

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