New website locates public toilets

21:59, Jan 23 2014
Camping website
REST STOP: has the GPS locations of more than 3600 toilets across the country.

Holidaymakers have a new tool to help plan their vital pit stops, reports Ewan Sargent.

That desperate drive down unknown rural roads looking for a bush big enough for a toilet stop could be solved by a new website.

It should also help keep the countryside a little cleaner.

Christchurch start-up company Campermate has launched, a website that has the GPS locations of more than 3600 toilets throughout the country. And it's free.

Business founder Adam Hutchinson says it has taken 2 1/2 years to collect the locations of toilets as well as campsites, landfills and service stations.

Some of them are so remote they have never appeared on a map before.


The website is an extension of a free app "CamperMate", which offers the same information and was first launched at the time of the 2011 World Cup.

Hutchinson hopes the information will help reduce the impact of freedom camping on the environment and create a better freedom camping experience

Tourists have helped build the data base by sending him their own discoveries that he verifies.

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