Tait has world at its feet

19:49, Feb 06 2014
Brendon Quinn
WEATHERING STORMS: Brendon Quinn says severe storms proved the value of digital mobile radio networks.

Tait Communications says it is in negotiations to sell its digital mobile radio (DMR) networks to global utility companies after a successful first-up project with an Ashburton electricity lines company.

Christchurch-based Tait has commissioned a DMR solution for EA Networks, which delivers power to more than 17,000 customers.

Tait is known for its manufacture of radio communication handsets, bases and networks. Emergency services and utilities are key customers.

Brett Smythe, general manager, Tait Communications Asia Pacific, said the radio network had been tested in the windstorms that affected the mid and south Canterbury regions in September.

EA Networks network manager Brendon Quinn said the benefits of the new digital network were brought into focus during severe windstorms.

"The clarity of voice message over the digital network made it easier for our field workers and dispatch centre to communicate effectively without the need to repeat instructions.

The system used GPS positioning to keep track of moving vehicles, a safety advantage.

Tait Communications had already secured a major North American utilities contract and was in talks with a further 10 or so utilities hoping to win work worth many millions of dollars per contract, Smythe said.


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