Guardian Print moves closer to Christchurch

23:30, Apr 09 2014

Ashburton's Guardian Print is moving its operations to Rolleston to house its new press and be closer to its client base.

The company says it has about 95 per cent of its clients around Christchurch.

Its Ashburton plant was unable to house a new French printing press, which was twice the size of the current press.

It said the economic reasons to move closer to its client base were overwhelming.

Director and part-owner Steve Gallop said the company transported more than 100 tonnes of paper to and from Christchurch every week.

"The purchase of the new press means we have to move out of our current premises, and the future of growth of the business requires us to relocate closer to our markets and suppliers," he said.


Gallop said the company wanted all their 70 Ashburton staff to make the move with it early next year and would help them by organising transport and new shifts.

"The move has been logical for some time, but we have stayed in Ashburton out of loyalty more than logic," he said.

Guardian Print started as part of the Ashburton Guardian newspaper but became a standalone company in 2002.

Ownership changed in 2012, when Ross Mains and Gallop became part-owners of the company.

The original client, the Ashburton Guardian, now made up less than 5 per cent of the printing schedule, Gallop said.

Ashburton Guardian readers would not be affected by the change.

"The majority of newspapers in New Zealand these days are printed some distance from their office, so we do not see any issues for our business or our customers," Ashburton Guardian general manager Desme Daniels said.

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