Learning how to love your internet is easy with Snap

LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Mark Petrie, owner of Snap, believes making employees feel part of the company's growth is crucial to its success.
LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Mark Petrie, owner of Snap, believes making employees feel part of the company's growth is crucial to its success.


Snap is one of New Zealand's leading internet service providers and the only national provider that can offer services over all types of telecommunication infrastructures.

What would we do without the internet? For some, life without knowledge at their fingertips isn't worth thinking about.

For others, the mere thought of going online is a struggle.

The staff at Snap Internet Ltd are familiar with both ends of the internet user spectrum and have something to offer beginners and experts alike. The company's aim is simply to ensure its customers have an enjoyable online experience and as its new slogan, "love your internet", suggests, worry less about the technical side and more about being online.

"'Love your internet' just seems to sum up the joint passion we share with the customer for good, frustration-free internet," says marketing and brand executive Claire Milligan.

Snap is a full internet service provider, working with a wide range of customers. Customers include large corporate companies, small and medium businesses (some of which are in the education and health sector), and home users. All receive high quality internet and IT services.

Snap is fully dedicated to its Canterbury origins and is owned by Mark Petrie, who is from a farming family in mid-Canterbury. Being from a farming community, Petrie had no specific background in IT when he started at Snap.

However, he draws upon his personal experiences of living in a remote town to identify with the challenges rural internet users face.

Petrie has been part of the Snap set-up for 13 years and has worked in various departments including support teams, administration and technical operations, before taking over the business at the end of 2011.

"Many of Snap's most senior staff have worked their way through the company and many have been here for more than 10 years," says Petrie.

Snap is fully New Zealand owned and has its headquarters in Christchurch, with all 70 of its staff, including its highly regarded contact centre, working from the Durham St location.

"We are absolutely committed to keeping our call centre in Christchurch," says general manager (retail) James Koers.

"We hear time and time again that our customers see our locally-based contact centre as a real point of difference from our competitors."

Snap inspires a particular working culture among its employees. Every employee is a "tech lover" and passionate about the industry they are in.

"Enjoying going to work and feeling passionate about what you do is really important," says Petrie.

"I try to create an environment that people enjoy coming to and encourage staff to feel like they're involved in the growth of the business."

All of the call centre staff are extremely IT sufficient. They know the importance of consistent and comprehensive internet access and their high level of expertise means they work autonomously, without a script, to trouble shoot efficiently and often instantaneously. The high standard of feedback the call centre receives from its customers is demonstrative of the service provided.

Snap provides internet and IT services to a range of businesses nationally and has a large customer base in Christchurch and the South Island.

Snap prides itself on the reliability of its network and ability to provide for some of the city's most critical services, including two of Christchurch's largest employers, Christchurch City Council and Canterbury District Health Board. Fast-growing mobile company 2degrees also uses Snap's services to provide mobile internet data to its one million customers.

Snap is the only national provider that can offer services over all types of telecommunications infrastructure.

Most people are familiar with ADSL and more recently VDSL, a faster copper service available to around 50 per cent of the country.

Lately, Snap has embraced the Government's Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) fibre rollout. Snap has always used fibre wherever it was available for business customers and is now working hard to deliver compelling fibre-based services to residential users too.

Petrie knows consistently striving to be innovative is critical to the on-going success of Snap."In an increasingly competitive marketplace, our team works hard to stay ahead of the others by always asking, 'what's next?'"

Examples of what Snap has introduced recently include, 'all you can eat nights', which means all data usage between 1am and 7am is unmetered and doesn't count towards any data cap, and 'all you can eat YouTube', where for $5 a month customers can have unlimited YouTube use.

Another example of Snap's drive to remain innovative is its recent signing with Southern Cross Cables for Trans-Tasman connectivity. Snap is the second internet service provider in New Zealand to have purchased rights directly from Southern Cross, as the majority deal via a wholesaler.

Everyone at Snap is excited about the future of the industry.

"We're currently expanding our national client base, migrating users to Ultra Fast Broadband, launching next generation voice products, investing and expanding our infrastructure, expanding Trans-Tasman connectivity and our Australian presence, developing professional services, and building our consulting and managed network services portfolio,"says Petrie.

"We have always been innovators, so we have plenty of projects that we are working on which will benefit many of our existing customers, as well as help us grow our customer base. Watch this space."

Vision Statement

We want to encourage people to love their internet by providing a superior internet experience, efficient and friendly customer service, and a great working environment for staff.

Past Success

We have become a larger part of the telecommunications sector, with 300 per cent growth in staff over the past few years. We're proud to be at the forefront of the industry, utilising new technologies like Ultra- Fast Broadband to benefit our customers.

Future Hope

To continue to be a great alternative to the larger providers by giving our customers a high quality, high value service while remaining local and friendly.

Greatest Moment

The greatest moments for Snap are yet to come.

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