Christchurch vehicle leasing company ready for rebuild demand

21:34, Dec 10 2012
LOCALLY DRIVEN: Vehicle leasing company FleetPartners has relocated to Manchester St.


Trans-Tasman vehicle leasing company FleetPartners is proud of its Christchurch heritage and, although it has had to relocate twice since February 2011, it is now settled on the corner of Montreal and Wilmer Streets, and remains committed to the Canterbury region.

The rebuild of Christchurch has presented some great opportunities to FleetPartners. With its new premises, investment in more resources in the city and the appointment of an executive manager to specifically focus on helping clients engaged either directly or indirectly with the rebuild, FleetPartners is ready for every new challenge.

Debbie Phillipson
NEW HOME: South Island manager Debbie Phillipson is pleased the FleetPartners Christchurch office is staying close to the city centre.

FleetPartners continues to educate businesses in the benefits of leasing to free up capital and funding lines and outsourcing fleet management and administration.

The substantial reconstruction effort has helped lift demand in many sectors, including commercial and passenger fleets. To reflect this, the Christchurch office has outperformed sales targets year to date - and is projecting even greater results as the rebuild progresses.

FleetPartners offers passenger and light commercial vehicles on lease for six to a maximum of 72 months. It has a variety of solutions for small and large businesses, including fully maintained operating leases, non-maintained operating leases, finance leases with or without maintenance plans, second hand leases, fleet management with fuel cards, accident management driver safety programmes and managed maintenance. Additional to this, AutoSelect operates as FleetPartners' registered motor vehicle trader sales division of quality ex-lease vehicles.


Debbie Phillipson, Fleet Partnership manager, South Island, says leasing a vehicle with FleetPartners comes with many benefits.

"For one thing, it frees up working capital for people to put back into their businesses," she says.

As well as this important advantage, companies who lease vehicles will experience no residual value risk and benefit from FleetPartners economies of scale, with parts, labour and servicing costs, by way of a fixed monthly maintenance cost.

FleetPartners also has a comprehensive reporting system which highlights on-going cost saving opportunities within customers' motor vehicle fleets.

"We have a really good name in the market and extremely strong relationships with our customers," Phillipson says.

To ensure these relationships and the service provided evolve with customer needs and expectations, FleetPartners commissions independent researcher Colmar Brunton to complete a customer experience index survey each year.

Phillipson says the 2012 results found those dealing with other leasing companies were less satisfied than those who dealt with FleetPartners exclusively. This was an outstanding outcome and a testament to the strong relationships and brand perception the company has.

Phillipson is proud of the service the Christchurch staff offer. She describes the team as proactive and innovative, with good product knowledge and an enthusiasm for constantly improving the services FleetPartners offers.

"It really is a fantastic bunch of people who work here," Phillipson says.

"They really care about their customers and always put the best possible optionsforward to clients."

It is also very important to FleetPartners to support the local economy. When designing and furnishing its new office, the company used locally made furniture when it could. 90 per cent of its office is made up of New Zealand products with many coming from Christchurch.

"We love the fact we are locals dealing with locals," Phillipson says.

"Whenever we can, we use our customers' services."

Phillipson, who lives in Christchurch, is particularly fond of a mural, in the new office, painted by local customer SB Signs. The mural displays many of Christchurch's famous icons, some of which have been lost since February 2011.

The artwork is symbolic of the dedication the company feels to the city and its excitement about the rebuild and redevelopment. It is also a reminder of the company's progress in the past two years.

"Like everyone in Christchurch we have added a lot to our story recently," says Phillipson.

"We're passionate about what we do and proud of our story."

FleetPartners was originally founded as Avis Car Leasing in 1977. It was a pioneer of the vehicle leasing industry in New Zealand and continues to strive to be the world's best provider of vehicle and management solutions.

FleetPartners has offices and resources in Wellington, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland. These offices are best placed to provide vehicle leasing and fleet management services nationwide.

Vision Statement

We strive to deliver the ultimate in vehicle solutions to our customers. We produce fresh ideas that deliver new and better ways of doing things.

Past Success

FleetPartners' customer satisfaction research results have consistently improved year on year. Our customers recognise the effort our people put into every relationship, whether customers have a fleet of one or one hundred.

Future Hope

FleetPartners becomes the preferred provider of vehicle supply and management in the South Island.

Greatest Moment

Having FleetPartners staff from every region rally together to support the Christchurch team and their families through some very disconcerting times.

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