Hairy Lemon 30 per cent ahead

16:00, Dec 10 2012

In an interview with The Press in December 2010 co-founder of web development company Hairy Lemon Graham Dockrill was zipping around the firm's 500 square metre fourth-floor Victoria St offices on a YikeBike, demonstrating the firm's commitment to innovation.

Its recovery after the February quake went one better.

The quake triggered the automatic sprinklers in their office ''so the building not only got shaken to bits it got flooded as well,'' Dockrill said.

The firm's servers were inaccessible, but IT manager Connon Daly, standing in the building's car park after the quake, was able to log in remotely using his iPhone and power down the servers to prevent any damage, ''which really saved the business,'' Dockrill said.

The firm had a lot of data stored off-site before the quake, but not as much as it had thought.

 Daly was able to, remotely, safely power the servers back up and move terabytes of data to a rented data centre.


The following Monday, Dockrill signed a lease for premises in Hornby and staff moved into the former real estate office two weeks later.

Those offices were not ideal but having space that allowed the firm to keep operating after the quake had been incredibly important.

In August, Hairy Lemon set up a subsidiary company headed by Daly called the IT Team which focuses on providing IT support for small to medium sized businesses. That business was picking up a lot of clients in the building industry and was growing rapidly. The IT Team has nine fulltime staff and has moved into its own premises on the corner of Manchester St and Worcester Blvd.

Meanwhile, Hairy Lemon revenue is nearly 30 per cent ahead of pre-quake levels as a result of working hard to bring new products to market, using cloud computing, more fluid work processes and taking a more proactive approach with clients.

The firm, which has about 30 staff, is signing a lease for new premises in Victoria St.

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