Legal action out of the blue

Plans for the McKenzie and Willis site were revealed in December 2014.

The man behind $50m McKenzie and Willis redevelopment questions the timing of legal action from Christchurch's "big players".

Damaged recreation centre reopens video

Dave Langrell, Canterbury basketballer.

Christchurch's Wharenui Recreation Centre Stadium will reopen on Friday after repairs.

Public scrutiny fairest approach

A retail complex in the McKenzie and Willis building appears to jar with the guidelines of the central city blueprint.

Should the public have a say in major city developments, if they are at odds with the rules?

Christchurch blueprint 'in tatters'

An artist's impression of McKenzie and Willis development in central Christchurch.

Central city blueprint "in tatters" as a legal dispute between powerful Christchurch property developers heats up.

'I'm not a show pony'

Albert Brantley says it is better to be effective than noticed.

Albert Brantley has led multimillion-dollar projects around the world but hopes his contribution to a "lasting legacy" will be in Christchurch.

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