Landlord charges per-bed rents video

15 Filipino reconstruction workers share a seven-bedroom house in Hornby, Christchurch. The living room has three sets of bunk beds.

A landlord is charging Filipino workers up to $145 a week for a single bed in a seven bedroom house.

Low unemployment shrinks talent pool

The rebuild is creating a lot of new jobs in construction in Christchurch and soaking up those looking for work

Finding competent candidates for jobs is becoming harder in Christchurch as the pool of local workers shrinks.

Red zoning destroyed dream

Aaron Duncan and Sarah Chisnall with a model of the geodesic dome house they were going to build on their Port Hills section. Instead, they are still waiting for a Government offer on the red-zoned section.

Aaron DuncanĀ and Sarah Chisnall's dream of a Port Hills house was destroyed after the quake.

Interchange open soon

The first stage of Christchurch's new central city bus interchange is almost ready to open.

Christchurch's new multimillion-dollar central city bus interchange will open in less than two weeks.

Inland Revenue runs 'cashies' crackdown

Inland Revenue Department is shown here as a barrier arm on fringe benefit tax. It wants unstated taxable income on residential housing jobs too

Inland Revenue Department tagged four parts of Auckland for a 'cashies' tax crackdown that could turn into a national campaign.

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