Red zone outline on its way

Ivan Iafeta has announced the first steps to deciding what will happen with red zones along the Avon River corridor.

New red zone use details progress, but no completion date or funds.

Convention centre breakdown forecast

The convention centre has cost nearly $85 million for planning and land acquisition.

Exit plans in play months before convention centre partnership breakdown.

Tone deaf exit of EQC boss hits wrong note

Outgoing Earthquake Commission chief executive Ian Simpson was praised for his oustanding leadership by his chairman.

In the news that EQC boss Ian Simpson would be leaving his job at the end of the year, one word shone like a beacon – outstanding.

EQC boss quits

Earthquake Commission chief executive Ian Simpson is leaving to become the chief executive of GNS Science.

Ian Simpson would admit some things "could have been done better" during his tenure, his boss says.

Last months at Re:Start

Christchurch's Re:Start mall is unlikely to still be trading by next winter, the trust's chairman says.

New tenants ahead of Christmas trading, but Christchurch container mall's unlikely to be open next winter.

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