Tiny new spaces for New Brighton

Five small-scale, playful installations – named 'Tiny Huts' – will pop-up in various locations in New Brighton's town ...

2:51 PM  Design competition asks people to design five "tiny huts" to bring life to coastal suburb of New Brighton.

'I'll believe it when I see it'

EQC have closed Mandy Fraser's claim, but have not repaired up to a 'when new' standard as they are legally required to do.

Homeowners expect a fight to have earthquake repairs reviewed and fixed to "when new" standard. Mandy Fraser is one of them.

We want a clean, green garden city

The Botanic Gardens remain a gem in Christchurch's image as a Garden City.

With filthy rivers and a CBD of rubble, will Christchurch ever be a clean, green Garden City?

EQC agreement has major implications video

Alistair Cree is among those who have won an ongoing battle with EQC regarding earthquake repairs.

OPINION: The biggest issue facing EQC is the general feeling of mistrust over anything it says.

Will standards suffer? video

Christchurch apprentices Ben Ingledew (left) and Josh Scott say apprentices shouldn't be used as cheap labour to make up ...

More than 29,000 construction workers need to be recruited in three years as NZ building booms.

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