Nine master plans for suburban renewal

CONCEPT PLANS: Linwood Village
CONCEPT PLANS: Linwood Village

The last three years has seen nine master plans developed by the city council to regenerate post-quake suburban areas. The public has been consulted, and all are at different phases in the process. Four plans were adopted more than a year ago, one was adopted in August, and four remain under consideration. ABBIE NAPIER looks at where these plans are at.


The city council adopted the final Master Plan for Sumner in August this year.

Sumner plan artist's impression
Sumner plan artist's impression

Design work is under way for a new community centre and library. A project team will soon be assigned to the $1.5 million main street upgrade, which will include community engagement.


This plan was adopted in July 2012. Both of the 12-month projects have been completed. A case manager has been assigned to work with rebuilders, and trees in the Selywn St Reserve have been removed. A full upgrade of the reserve will be considered post-2016.

EARLY PLANS: A vision of how Lyttelton could look with a public waterfront.
EARLY PLANS: A vision of how Lyttelton could look with a public waterfront.


This plan covers Phase Two for the Ferrymead Bridge to Marriner St in Sumner. Public consultation on the plan closed on November 22, with 218 submissions being received.

An analysis of the submissions is now under way. When this is completed, a report will go to Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board and the council - likely to be early 2014.

This report will outline feedback and whether hearings should be held. The plan will then be amended where necessary, before being presented to council for adoption, hopefully by mid-2014.


In the implementation scheme, 14 projects and objectives were identified for completion in the 12 months after adoption, in June 2012.

Some objectives have been completed or have made progress, despite the 12-month timeframe having passed five months ago.

A Lyttelton case manager is already active.

The Donald St council land is not safe for community use as hoped, but investigations into community meeting space is under way. Recreation Centre repairs have started.

The council has also resourced some community initiatives, including the transitional projects in Albion Square.

Repair of The Loons is under way. Council has also granted funds to St Saviours.

The Lyttelton Harbour Community Response Plan for emergencies is almost complete.

Amendments to the district plan will likely be ongoing for 2013 and 2014, which includes town design guides. Public notification is expected in 2014. In the meantime, the design explanatory note guides developers on design.

The district plan review (DPR) will also capture public input on design.

Some parts of the plan have not progressed as rapidly as outlined in the implementation scheme.

Staff are investigating pedestrian linkages to see if these could be actioned next year and included in the DPR.

A funding application from the community board to develop a local landscape and heritage interpretation plan was denied this year, but will hopefully progress next year. Discussions are underway to save the museum.


Final changes have been made and the plan was given to community board yesterday. Council is considering adopting this plan today.


Linwood Village plan was adopted in August 2012. It has three 0-12 month objectives: improving bus waiting spaces, ongoing case management and the undertaking of community initiatives.

Thus far, some progress has been made. The Doris Lusk Park project is under way, with public consultation planned for 2014, and some transitional projects are being developed. Some private rebuilds have begun.


Plans in Sydenham are progressing well. The pocket park on the corner of Byron and Colombo St is complete, as well as the transitional space on the corner of Wordsworth and Colombo.

The "Sydm" branding encourages traffic to the area. A draft design guide has been prepared for rebuilds and the Buchan Park remodel is progressing.


The council is scheduled to consider the final draft of this plan today.


This plan went to the community board yesterday for consideration. It needs to be considered by the city council before adoption.

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