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'As-is' home sells for $1m

merivale house Christchurch's as-is-where-is house market has reached seven figures, with a 20-year-old damaged home on TC3 land selling for more than $1 million.

Prices follow rising building demand

Builder, new house, generic Demand for commercial property is pushing up prices, but only where the product is right.

180 'affordable' homes

Lianne Dalziel Sydenham school site to house two villages containing 180 affordable homes.

Council-govt housing plan may be revealed

Lianne Dalziel "Major housing news'' will be delivered by Govt and council on the old Sydenham School site today.

First home offer stuck in limbo

Georgina Stylianou OPINION: The deadline sale on "The St Martins Gem" ended with an anticlimactic blow - I wanted a yes or a no, not a maybe.