Lakeside station sold for $16.5m

The Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail runs along Lake Pukaki through the bottom edge of Guide Hill Station .

Hong Kong-based investors plan $5.6m tourism development on Guide Hill Station in Mackenzie country.

'Bad' tenants let off the hook

Tenants in this Hamilton flat damaged every room and left their rubbish behind.

Court decision "opens the door for tenants to do what the hell they like", landlords say.

'Flawed and wasteful'

An artist's impression of a public space within the south frame.

Senior property figures in Christchurch are expressing concern about the viability of the city's proposed south frame.

Swiss industrialist ends ties with Christchurch

Swiss industrialist Thomas Trachsel never lived in New Zealand, but visited frequently.

A Swiss industrialist is selling a Christchurch property after the closure of a carbon dioxide gear manufacturing plant in the city.

$770 million pay off for South Island from tourism promo

South Island landscapes, such as Lake Pearson, will be used to help attract an extra 80,000 overseas passengers a year ...

A $6m tourism campaign targeting Christchurch is predicted to bring an extra $770 million into the South Island over the next three years.

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