Rise in house values slows

Christchurch's housing market is returning to normal.

The rise in Christchurch house values is slowing after "staggering" increases seen between 2012 and 2014.

31 slabs of concrete later . . . gallery

The huge mirror in the entrance allows you to see the view from several different angles.

Raw beauty of concrete tilt slab construction guided the design of this contemporary Canterbury home.

Canterbury home building continues to slow

Canterbury was the home building capital of New Zealand in 2014.

House building in Christchurch continues to slow, with the number of new home approvals down 30 per cent from late last year.

Enhancing energy efficiency

A thermal imaging camera showing heat loss through a single glazed window and the "thermal bridge" where insulation doesn't work in the corner of the room.

It's barely surprising a house built in the late 1970s gets cold, but it hurts to have it confirmed in excruciating detail.

Is it better to rent or buy

For most people, choosing to buy is not a strictly financial matter.

OPINION: Fendalton house prices are twice that in Shirley, but rents are not twice as high. So is it better to rent?

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