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'Up housing benefits'

houses 5:00am Human Rights Commission calls on Govt to sort out Christchurch's 'inadequate' housing.

Let's live in ... Avonhead

avonhead Dotted with the wellsprings of the mighty Avon River, it's a middle-class oasis in Christchurch's northwest.

Rents reaching new highs

house strap Christchurch rents set to reach Auckland levels, yet average Auckland household has $220 a week more.

Spare room a 'hellhole'

Georgina Stylianou OPINION: Since we moved in five weeks ago, everything that doesn't yet have a home is chucked in The Insanity Room.

Kiwis embrace high-rise living

Jason and Val Middleton After years in the doldrums apartments are making a comeback in an otherwise flat property market.