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Demand for new land and new homes is expected to soar in Christchurch and surrounding districts as red-zoned home owners move off their quake-damaged land.

In June 2011, the Government declared 5100 homes were red-zoned and the land could not be remediated in the near future. Another 10,500 properties were marked orange, which meant a decision was yet to be made. More than 1000 orange-zoned homes in Kaiapoi, Pines Beach, Brooklands and Kairaki have seen been declared red with more announcements expected in coming months.

The quakes and resulting zoning decisions are likely to see thousands of Canterbury families on the move in the next year with many hoping to build a new home on solid ground.

In a bid to help this process, The Press has created an interactive graphic showing many of the existing and emerging subdivisions in the region. The aim is to become a one-stop-site for those hoping to build their dream home.

This site will be expanded over time with more subdivisions and more information on each.

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