Young agents' network benefit

YOUTHFUL SUPPORT: Young Professionals in Real Estate leader Sarah Pearce, centre, with sons Theo Thrasy, left, and Carlos Thrasy, right.
YOUTHFUL SUPPORT: Young Professionals in Real Estate leader Sarah Pearce, centre, with sons Theo Thrasy, left, and Carlos Thrasy, right.

They're young, they're keen, and they sell houses.

Now New Zealand's young real estate agents have banded together to encourage each other in the industry.

This month the newly formed Young Professionals in Real Estate (YPIRE) held its first annual party and awards ceremony in Auckland, with 150 young agents attending from as far as Christchurch and Dunedin. Together they represented 15 real estate brands.

Facilitator Sarah Pearce believes the level of enthusiasm and the big attendance indicates newcomers are rising above old brand barriers.

As well as celebrating their year's work, the group had chances to network and socialise with peers from other companies, Pearce says.

"This is good," she says. "The real estate industry is well overdue for a change. I believe YPIRE is the platform to make that happen."

The organisation was founded about five years ago in Australia. At the time it was a Ray White initiative started to give young agents special support.

But there were not enough youth agents to make the initiative work, so Ray White opened the group up to all young agents from any real estate group.

The organisation arrived in New Zealand this year.

Pearce said the group was about pride in what they do, and more.

"Historically, the real estate industry has tended to be a bit territorial and overly competitive. I believe it's better for our culture, our reputation and, most importantly, for our clients, if we can all get along."

Pearce knows about young agents because her family includes two.

Son Carlos Thrasy, 21, works in property management at an Auckland real estate office. Theo Thrasy, 23, is a salesperson at the same office.

"It's a fantastic initiative," says Theo of the group.

"There aren't many youth in real estate, particularly not all in one office. It's encouraging to attend these events and see so many other people your age doing what you do and also doing it well. It gives you confidence to keep going."

He also finds it helpful to discuss the use of technology with other young agents.

Adds Carlos: "When you bring young professionals together from all over the place and they get along, so many more opportunities open up. We learn from each other, build relationships and can do a better job for our customers as a result."

New Zealand has almost 17,000 licensed real estate agents, salespeople, branch managers and companies, of whom 13,700 are active in the business. This number is 3 per cent higher than a year ago as strong sales draw more people into the industry.


Individuals 16,003

Agents 2,186

Branch managers 531

Salespeople 13,286

Companies 912

Total 16,915

Source: Real Estate Agents Authority

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