Hunt for home takes over my life

20:03, Mar 28 2014

I'm finally starting to get my head around this whole house-hunting lark.  

It takes over your life and there's nothing you can do about it. 

Despite a couple of very full-on weeks complete with arguments with the significant other, doubts and sleepless nights, I'm feeling slightly more composed since I've accepted this. 

On the other hand, I've developed a lingering mouth ulcer, a sore throat and an annoying head cold. 

Yes, house hunting has made me sick. 

Since this process began it has eaten into my exercise regime. I hear myself making excuses for this fact all the time.


"I need to catch up on the latest listings . . . the viewing times are slap-bang in the middle of BAT/pump/step class . . . my weekend is taken up with open homes . . . I'm too tired etc."

When we get home from work the conversation quickly turns to house hunting, and when we get into bed the laptop is placed between us while we peruse the latest listings. 

We've become machines. Photos, listing blurb, RV, land category, Google Map the street and make a decision.

If we like it, it's added to the Trade Me watchlist and the viewing details are jotted down in my Little Black Book.

House hunting has also wormed its way into our parents' lives. The last few times I have seen either mine or Robbie's parents, it's been at an open home. 

The last few phone calls and discussions we've had with them have involved weighing up the pros and cons of certain properties.

Fearing the deteriorating wellbeing of our relationship, Robbie and I tried having "house-free Fridays" but it didn't really work as I spammed Robbie's email account with new property listings. My bad.

When we catch up with friends the first question they ask is how the hunt is going, and when we wake up on a Saturday morning the first thing we do is review the day's open home times. 

We're both obsessed, but I'll admit to being the more possessed one so I'm treating both of us to a weekend free of house hunting (except for one follow-up viewing today but that's it, I promise). 

In other news, we finally received pre-approval from the bank, which is great.

There was excitement and then sheer disbelief when I read we would end up paying more than $200,000 in interest to Westpac. 

Also, we have found somewhere we like and are preparing to put an offer in. It's a deadline sale on April 9, which I've come to learn is like a talent contest where the participants are blindfolded, and I'll be gutted if we're not the winners.

Did house hunting take over your life? How do you strike a good balance? 

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