Mayor will seek re-election

There might be issues over pay and the time commitment, but it seems some Selwyn District councillors are keen for another term around the meeting table.

Though the local body elections are not until September, councillors and potential mayoral aspirants are already being asked their intentions in Christchurch, so the Central Canterbury News asked Selwyn councillors and mayor Kelvin Coe if they were going to put their hats in the ring again.

With some councillors undecided, others have already mapped a course.

Mayor Coe said he will seek another term at the helm of the council, although his deputy, Cr Sarah Walters said she had been asked several times, but was yet to make a decision if she would run for council again.

Malvern ward councillors John Morten and Sam Broughton have already made up their minds to seek re-election.

Cr Peter Hill will also stand again and said he considered he could be more effective at bringing about changes in how the council worked from within.

Cr Debra Hasson also signalled she will seek to be around the table for another three years.

Pat McEvedy and Jeff Bland, in their first terms on the council, are undecided, while Mark Alexander has not made a final decision, but expects his name to be on the ballot paper.

A challenger for incumbent Mayor Coe does not seem forthcoming so far, although Cr Malcolm Lyall reserved his intention both for council and the mayoral seat.

Cr Hill said he had had "several approaches" encouraging him to run for mayor, but had "not yet seriously considered such a move".

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