Getting fit for charity

A group from two Cadence Cycle studios will attempt to break a Guinness World Record by cycling constantly for 25 hours ...

A spin class is "setting the wheels in motion" to raise money for a potentially life-saving charity.

House of the week: Queenstown

Simon and Marion Botherway wanted space, simplicity and practicality when they commissioned Polish-born architectural ...

A Queenstown home full of art and music is also a playground for a family with four boys.

Larrikin escapades of a WWI soldier

George McNicholl's enlistment form, dated May 11, 1916. McNicholl caused many headaches during his time with the NZ ...

George McNicholl was hardly an exemplary soldier: His story was one of prison escapes, fake names and going AWOL.

The poisoned pooch

Four-month-old border collie puppy Gecko was swaying, drooling and had low energy.

"[The vets] asked me first if there was any marijuana he could have gotten into," dog owner says.

Flowers to light up at show

The Queenstown Gardens were illuminated during the LUMA festival in 2016.

This year's light festival will include the 150th year Queenstown Gardens' commemoration.

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Eat And Drink

Review: Edo, Christchurch

You can celebrate ding at Edo with gold leaf speckled sake.

Blue tuna is the star of this evening's dining.

Review: Christchurch's only bao bar

"I'm pleased I've tried bao buns, but it won't be a go-to meal for me."

Fill up at specialist alcohol stores

Container cafe gets new digs

Art And Stage

'Let the songs shine'

Free Theatre manager George Parker, left, singer-songwriter Delaney Davidson and director Peter Falkenberg.

The songs at the heart of this warped and twisted musical are as barnacled, magnificent and romantic as a shipwreck.

Martin Phillipps' 'dark years'

The Chills frontman Martin Phillipps is back after more than a decade rebuilding the band.

The Chills' frontman is ready, after 19 years, to relaunch as "a legacy band".

Making plans

Christina Read: Quilt for my bed (detail).

 Artist Christina Read's Christchurch exhibition is about making, and breaking, plans.

The devil rides into Christchurch

Free Theatre manager George Parker, left, singer-songwriter Delaney Davidson and director Peter Falkenberg cast shadows ...

It's a musical, but not as you might know it.

Blondie and Cyndi Lauper pair up and don't slow down

Debbie Harry, left, sings as a guest during Cyndi Lauper's set during the Blondie/Cyndi Lauper concert at Horncastle Arena.

For those of us free falling through middle age, it was inspiring to see that at 71, Debbie Harry is still rocking new music.

Summer Starter

Summer's strange, mad beauty

SEPTEMBER 25: We turn our clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time and summer. And in central Auckland, a 4-year-old ...

As Aristotle mused, while slapping sunscreen on the skin left exposed by his beach toga: The whole is greater than the summer of fits and starts.

Four Corners: Summer tales from Kitchener's Cafe and Dairy

Bruce and Sue Sullivan of Kitchener's Cafe and Dairy in Martinborough.

Our summer series continues with a story of the ritual humiliation inflicted on political pundits who underestimated the Don.

'I blame Steph for the quake'

Nick and Steph Thompson of Kaikoura Four Square are pragmatic about the earthquake despite facing a 'torrid' 12 months ahead.

The morning of the Kaikoura earthquake, Steph Thompson opened her Four Square store in a dressing gown. And that's how her customers arrived, too.

OK, it's raining, but at least you won't get sunburnt video

Oli Stewart is a surf lifesaver at Piha in Auckland.

Summer in New Zealand isn't all about iceblocks and sunburn.

Fine day for fun run

Crystal Dodd, on the left, Bronnie Park and Jason Dodd gather  before the start of the 4km event start in Ti Rakau Reserve

Thousands ran on Sunday, with many making it a personal challenge, a costume party or a family day out

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