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Eat And Drink

Frugal is as frugal does

The frugal lentil salad.

Frugal is the new way. More is bad, less is good.

Turning to the top shelf

10:44 AM  In a nutshell, people are choosing to drink less, but better.

'Don't put the good wine in your stew'

All about smoke and slow cooking

Art And Stage

Constellations - a 'super-star script'

The Court Theatre's latest play, Constellations, reviewed.

Brooching the Rococo revolution

Contemporary jeweller Jane Dodd's exhibition Rococo Revolution gets down to the bone.

Christchurch artist Tui McBeath died of motor neurone disease, aged 67. She left a legacy of beautiful works.

Legacy of paintings, adventure

Tui McBeath was a woman unafraid of pursuing adventure.

Summer Starter

Ladi6's festival homecoming

STAR ATTRACTION: Ladi 6 is performing twice in Christchurch.

Ladi6 is headlining two major events in Christchurch this weekend - The Summer Starter and Christmas in the Park.

Toll of quake stress

Many Cantabrians turning to bad habits, whether alcohol, coffee, smoking or overeating, to cope.

EYES ON THE PRIZE: Running trainer Bevan Eyles.

How to reach the finish line

Here are some quick tips that will help you get the most out of the Summer Starter fun run and walk this Sunday.

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