Press pets: Sadie's daring diet

17:00, Jul 10 2014
BEACH FANS: Sadie the silly sausage dog and her human companion Alannah love hanging out at the beach.

My name is Sadie (the seriously silly sausage dog) and I'm nearly 10.

In November 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live. I'm still here and crazy as ever.

sadie dog shaming
DOG SHAMING: Sadie's strange taste for seafood revealed.

Sausage dogs are over-represented in dog shaming. I think it is more to do with our fun-loving, good-smelling owners.

After the pet cancer specialist diagnosed me, I developed a taste for blue bottle jellyfish and kelp from Brighton Beach over summer. My family credits my strange diet with me still being alive. I eat everything. I once ate an icecream container of chilli con carne homemade with jalapeno chillis that was defrosting outside a friend's.

This week I pinched a kumara and was eating it (and broccoli) raw. My owner Alannah cooks me vegetables for dinner and I love them. I'm still alive and kicking. We have lots of doggie adventures and stories to tell.

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