'Not about looks' for Hottest Tradie

04:51, Aug 01 2014
Stacy Rush
STACY RUSH: Building a new home in honour of his mum.

Stacy Rush was unsure about being entered in an online competition but the 25-year-old ''really got into it'' after a while.

The Christchurch builder has been crowned Canterbury's Hottest Tradie - winning a trip to the Gold Coast - after his online profile attracted almost 700 votes.

The competition, run by The Press, sought men and women who were working in the rebuild, demolition or associated trades with the emphasis on tradies who were highly skilled, hard-working, and showed good character and charisma.

It was not about good looks, Rush said. ''It's more about the situation for me.

''I've been a tradie for seven years and I'm going to rebuild my parent's house.''

Rush's mother Diane died in July last year and the family's Richmond home has flooded about 15 times since the February 2011 earthquake, he said.


His father moved out after the March floods and the property was burgled a couple of weeks later.

Rush planned to rebuild it once the insurance settlement was complete.

''It's something I really want to do in honour of my mum.''

He was nominated by his partner Nicole and his sister-in-law who described him as a ''hardworking, giving and passionate person''.

''He displays the most amazing work ethic . . . [and] touches everybody he comes into contact with with his outgoing and fun-loving personality,'' they wrote.

''I'll be taking my girlfriend to the Gold Coast," said Rush. "Even though my old man is trying to get in there.''

Rush had used Facebook to encourage people to vote for him and had also sent messages to people.

''I think having a conversation with someone as an individual worked well.''

Rush works for A & P Builders and is also a freestyle motocross enthusiast.

More than 170 tradies across Canterbury were nominated for the competition and more than 7000 votes were received. 

Take a look at the nominations.

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