Tough warmup for Darby

04:02, Oct 02 2012
Rhys Darby in Christchurch, October 2
Comedian Rhys Darby stretches it out with the Canterbury rugby team.
Rhys Darby
Rhys Darby entertains the Canterbury rugby team during their practice this morning.
Rhys Darby
Rhys Darby does his best to blend in with the Canterbury rugby team.
Rhys Darby
The newest member of the Canterbury rugby team.

Kiwi comedian Rhys Darby has undertaken an unusual warmup before his standup concert in Christchurch.

Darby entertained the Canterbury rugby team at its practice this morning before his performance at the CBS Canterbury Arena tomorrow night.

He was given the honour of naming the team for Canterbury's game against Northland on Friday night, and then joined the players for some drills at Rugby Park.

Darby said it was a "real honour" to to visit the team, and his brief warmup with the team would make his mother proud.

"She's a big rugby fan. Despite the fact that I'm an international comedy superstar, she'd rather see me on the rugby field."

He said his best position was on the wing, with agility his biggest strength.


"I've got very fast-twitch fibres - that's what they say - and I've good hand co-ordination, although I'm not so good on the eyes."

He believed his bespectacled appearance would prove an asset during a match.

"I'd put put some fear into the game because no-one wants to punch a guy with glasses. It's the reverse-nerd tactic."

Darby said the training was a good warmup for his concert.

He was slightly nervous about performing in front of his Christchurch fans, but he was looking forward to bringing some positivity and laughter to the city.

"I'm like a coiled spring. I'm ready to jump on to the bigger stage and release all the comedic information that's in my head," he said.

Darby's performance will be filmed for his third DVD.

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