Fundraiser gets teacher's house plastered

18:43, Oct 28 2012
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NEW IDEA: Rob McClintock has launched a website called Our School Project to raise funding for schools. He is pictured with Lara Cunningham, Paige Stephenson and Joe Hall.

A teacher hoping to raise money for Christchurch schools will plaster his house with children's artwork this weekend.

Robert McClintock has developed a website called Our School Project to raise money for three schools, South New Brighton Primary, Sumner School and Paparoa Primary, through an online quiz site.

The project is sponsored by businesses, and the amount of money each school gets depends on the questions the schools and the community answer correctly.

As part of the project, McClintock and eight other volunteers working with the Student Volunteer Army will spend Sunday creating New Zealand's first online art gallery using artworks by pupils from the three schools.

McClintock will also put all the scanned artworks up in his house.

"By the end of the day, everything, the refrigerator and the microwave, will be covered with children's artworks," he said.


"It's very much a pilot programme."

He was trialling it with three schools, but he hoped to include more schools in the future.

South New Brighton pupils Joe Hall, 13, Paige Stephenson, 12, and Lara Cunningham, 13, contributed to the art gallery.

Paige drew a picture of a cup on a jersey, with the slogan "Keep calm and eat a cupcake".

"It's my motto," she said.

They were excited about being part of the gallery, which would be used to illustrate the trivia quiz.

"If you answer a question, it would be pretty cool if your own picture came up,'' Joe said.

McClintock said he hoped in the future the uploading would be done as a school-wide activity, with parents and the wider community spending an afternoon scanning and uploading children's artworks for the gallery.

Take the quiz and to see the gallery from Sunday here.

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