Gallery takes in quake-affected artists

04:20, Feb 05 2013
art gallery landscape
IN NEED: Christchurch artist Beverley Frost has opened up her gallery to accommodate other artists with no place to show their work post-quake.

A Christchurch artist helping quake-affected artists to show their work says she is just glad to be able to fill up her blank walls.

The Art Box Gallery in Papanui, the studio of Christchurch artist Beverley Frost, has become an exhibition space and sales place for artists.

Frost, who had been using the Loftus St studio for her own work since 2004, decided to open it to other artists in September 2011 after talking to friends about the lack of exhibition spaces in the city.

''So many galleries had closed, moved somewhere where people couldn't find them or just disappeared.

''I had a little box-shaped gallery area and not enough art to put on the walls, so I thought I could help.''

Frost had started off with works by eight other artists, but that had swelled to 28 as other artists took the opportunity to show their pieces to the public.


''It's just gradually built and built up, it's been great. People from the community come in to have a look, because we don't have many galleries open at all.''

Frost said the shared space had allowed artists to support each other, after many had lost their creative spark following the quakes.

''I think people just lost their oomph, they didn't have anything to work for, particularly that year [of the February 2011 quake],'' she said.

Frost had also helped to organise a month-long Blenheim exhibition in December 2011, involving quake-related works from 31 Canterbury artists.

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