Clara van Wel juggles school and career

STAR: Clara van Wel performs during the Classic Hits Winery tour.
STAR: Clara van Wel performs during the Classic Hits Winery tour.

New Zealand's Got Talent winner Clara van Wel is not letting fame get to her as she juggles schoolwork with the release of her debut album.

The first single from van Wel's album will come out next week ahead of the album's release in April.

The Blenheim schoolgirl won the competition last December, and has been working on her debut album at an Auckland studio with her producers since then.

Van Wel, 15, said she was looking forward to the album's release, with changes still being made.

''It's really great, it's been a crazy, fantastic experience and it's still a work in progress.''

She had managed to balance recording and touring with the start of the school year so her education did not suffer.

''I do work in the car and things like that, and I have tutorials when I'm at school so I'm not missing out on too much.''

Van Wel said her life had not changed much since winning the competition, and she was not getting carried away with her time in the spotlight.

''I'm still doing the same thing as I was, there's just more people listening now.

''The album is my main focus at the moment, I hope people like it, then I'll figure out what to do.''

The single, Beautiful, comes out on March 1.

Her first single, Where Do You Find Love, reached No 3 in its first week on the official New Zealand music chart.

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