Chch musician recognised by Coldplay

04:35, Mar 08 2013

A video by Christchurch musician Mark Vanilau has been accepted onto British rock group Coldplay's website.

Worldwide, Coldplay have sold more than 60 million albums.

Vanilau's video for Giant of the Sea was uploaded to Coldplay's Hypnofeed, which allows anyone to submit a link but only the "best videos'' are chosen to appear.

Selected pieces then go into the site's archive.

With a regular gig in Dave Dobbyn's band, Vanilau has played on Hollie Smith's album, been in bands with Ladi6 and Scribe and performed with Rikki Gooch in Eru Dangerspiel.

He is currently working on an album.

Vanilau will perform with Warren Maxwell and Louis Baker as part of the Christchurch Jazz and Blues Festival next month.


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