Mini-golf comes to central city

03:44, Apr 10 2013
Gap Golf
TEE BREAK: Dirk Weber, a volunteer with Gap Filler, tries his hand at a mini-golf hole which was made using recycled materials.

A strip of second-hand artificial turf, timber offcuts and empty baked-bean tins are being transformed into Christchurch's first central-city-wide mini-golf course.

Gap Filler's Gap Golf project - a nine-hole course dotted around vacant central-city sites - is expected to open this month after being delayed last year by the construction of the Summer Pallet Pavilion.

The idea grew from a par-two hole built next to the Gap Filler office in Sydenham.

Turf donated by the Sydenham Hockey Club and other donated and recycled materials, including clubs and balls, allowed the project to expand.

Holes in Tuam, Manchester, Kilmore and Colombo streets are being developed by volunteers. Land was secured by charitable trust Life in Vacant Spaces.

Each hole includes an image of the building that was once on the site.


Gap Filler project co-ordinator Richard Sewell hoped the mini-golf course would entice children back into the central city more than other projects had.

The project will open on April 20 with the Central City Mini-Golf Challenge. It will run from 10am to 2pm, and players are encouraged to travel the course by foot or cycle.

A course map can be found at from April 15.

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