Dance-O-Mat to hibernate for winter

07:04, May 29 2013
dance o mat landscape
DANCING QUEENS: Gap Filler's Dance-O-Mat will disappear until spring.

Get your shimmy on, Gap Filler's Dance-O-Mat is about to go into hibernation.

It has been on the corner of Cashel St and Oxford Tce, at the edge of Re:Start Mall, for the last three months.

In that time it has seen over 700 hours of use for everything from birthday parties, to conga lines, dance lessons, school groups and dance videos.

dance o mat std
BOOGIE ON: Prince Charles danced with Lisa Shannon on the Dance-O-Mat last year.

In all kinds of weather Cantabrians and tourists have put coins into the former laundromat washing machine, plugged in their iPods, and taken to the dance floor to boogie.

The Dance-O-Mat will leave its current site on June 10 and will return in spring at a new location.

Until then it's still open from 8am - 11pm, 7 days a week.

Despite falling sleet, The Swingtown Rebels took to the Dance-O-Mat dancefloor yesterday to strut their stuff.

Swingtown Rebels is a Christchurch-based swing dancing school which was started in 2010 by sisters Becky Collett and Sarah James.


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