'UC babe of the day' proves popular

20:24, Jun 10 2013
BABE: Anna Canning studies Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in International Business and French. She loves the rugby and has great banter.
BABE: Adam Scott is studying Mechanical Engineering. He is very modest with a kind heart and is always willing to lend some chalk.
BABE: Christo Gilbert. Christo is a Pro Civil engineering student and passionate semi-professional surfer. Under his ferociously dark, handsome exterior is a kind, loving heart.
BABE: Liz Lawrence studies a Batchelor of Primary Teaching). She's a great friend and a blonde bombshell.
BABE: Claire Larendo studies a LLB/BA. Claire is a super babe and has incredible style.
JUST FUN: Canterbury University's first babe Adam Scott pictured at university today. Scott ''laughed for about 5 minutes'' when he found out he'd been crowned the inaugural title.

A Facebook page inviting students to nominate a 'babe of the day' is causing a stir across Canterbury University.

The UC Babe of the Day page was launched on the social media website last Thursday and already has a cult following. 

People are invited to send the page's creators information on a person they think is worthy of being dubbed 'babe of the day'.

The person's photo is posted on the page, along with a link to their personal profile and a short description.

The page, launched to mirror Otago University's 'Dunners Babe of the Day' which started on the same day, has gained over 3000 likes.

Similar pages have also popped up for Auckland and Lincoln universities.


The Christchurch version is yet to rival the popularity of the Dunedin page, which has 14,000 followers keen to ogle the daily babe.

According to the students behind the Christchurch page, the premise is simple.

''The page is for appreciating people - an anonymous way for people to be recognised for beauty in their appearance or through their actions.''

The students, who do not want to be named, said they ''saw the Dunedin one and thought we'd give it a crack''.

One female and one male babe are posted a day.

The page was monitored closely, with abusive or distasteful comments being immediately deleted.

The creators rejected claims the page could be considered inappropriate.

''If we were being really shallow and it was only for good-looking people then there may be a problem, but we're not. We recognise appearance as well as actions,'' the creators said.

''We don't put anyone on a pedestal saying that people should act/look more like them - its about recognition and appreciation.''

It was also no surprise to them the page had taken off so quickly.

''Who doesn't like looking at beautiful people? Also, it's study week so people are either studying or procrastinating on Facebook.''

Canterbury University's first babe Adam Scott, said he ''laughed for about 5 minutes'' when he found out he'd been crowned the inaugural title.

''I was mostly surprised they chucked a guy up as the first babe of the day,'' he said.

Scott was enjoying the attention he had recieved from being nominated, and said the page was ''just a bit of light-hearted fun''.

In the days following the nomination, he had received two friend requests from interested females.

Saturday's babe Liz Lawrence agreed with Scott.

''I don't think the page is inappropriate, it's just a bit of fun, but I can see how it could get out of hand.''

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