Who is the Cantabrian we trust the most?

TRUSTWORTHY: Richie McCaw is in third position on the Reader's Digest's most trusted newsmakers list.
TRUSTWORTHY: Richie McCaw is in third position on the Reader's Digest's most trusted newsmakers list.

No wonder Richie McCaw's return from sabbatical is such hot news - Kiwis count him among our top five most trusted newsmakers.

Reader's Digest ran a poll to find out how their readers ranked newsmakers from most trustworthy to least.

Sports people and television presenters were voted most trustworthy, with no politicians making the top 50.

Although McCaw topped the list last year, this time he has been overtaken by former All Black Sir John Kirwan and Victoria Cross recipient Willie Apiata.

Student Volunteer Army founder Sam Johnson did not make the list last year, but this year he has leapt into 22nd position, just above Christchurch songbird Hayley Westenra.

Johnson said the list "shows the importance of moral and values-driven leadership, which we don't have enough of".

He said he was honoured to be included.

The people at the top of the list "make decisions based on their morals and their value judgments", Johnson said.

"They're not just persuaded by the best thing that comes along.

"I've been suddenly put in this position where I've been given a lot of opportunities and I've chosen to stay in Christchurch. These are the people who have supported me and I'm honoured."

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker was the highest-rated politician last year, although this year he was narrowly beaten by Maggie Barry and Tim Shadbolt.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee is at No 95.

The poll also asked which professions are most trusted, and although the individual list focused on newsmakers, it is the everyday heroes who head our most trusted professions.

Locals who made it to the top 100:

3: Richie McCaw, All Blacks captain.
13: Dan Carter, All Black.
22: Sam Johnson, Student Volunteer Army founder.
25: Hayley Westenra, singer.
41: Simon Barnett, TV and radio personality.
56: Bob Parker, Christchurch Mayor.
95: Gerry Brownlee, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister.

Top five most trusted professions:

1. Paramedics.
2. Firefighters.
3. Rescue volunteers.
4. Nurses.
5. Pilots.

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