Cafe review: Salt on the Pier

OUTSTANDING: Take in the great food and coffee while enjoying the view at Salt on the Pier.
OUTSTANDING: Take in the great food and coffee while enjoying the view at Salt on the Pier.

It's a stunning, sunny day when we head over to New Brighton to sample some of the coastal cuisine.

Salt on the Pier is two food outlets in one. Upstairs, looking out along the popular pier, sits the restaurant while below, at sea level, is the cafe. Both are pleasant venues, offering a touch of seaside dining that can be so pleasurable on the right day.

It has pride of place on the waterfront and is a spacious cafe with plenty of big tables inside and several outside, where the views across the water are just outstanding.

With eyes bigger than our stomachs, we peruse the menu and order up large.

The children's menu is a nice touch and has several inexpensive items on it. The kids love their pancakes and it comes as no surprise when they order the kids version for a neat $9.

But that's not enough and they are enticed by some sides in the form of two hash browns each and one side of bacon.

Jayden's banana thickshake is well and truly devoured. I am lucky to get a brief taste and it has plenty of flavour and is chilled enough to quench a young man's thirst.

Mandy loves the sound of the Surf n' Turf which includes a thick chunk of porterhouse steak, some creamy garlic prawns, salad and fries. It comes with a relatively hefty $30 price tag but is a full-on tasty meal.

When it comes out, the plate is almost groaning under the weight of the steak which is ordered medium rare but is a little too chewy and may have been undercooked ever so slightly.

The salad is tasty and the garlic prawns to die for.

I opt for the open chicken sandwich. A lovely grilled chicken breast, mixed with some guacamole, streaky bacon, lettuce, chilli cream cheese and a smattering of aioli on toasted sourdough bread is as tasty as it sounds.

It doesn't look like a big meal when it is served but there is plenty in that sandwich and it does a good job of being a breakfast and lunch combination.

Mandy chooses an iced coffee with whipped cream on top (delicious and refreshing) while my large flat white is up there with some of the best I've sampled in Christchurch.

The service is speedy and attentive. All four meals arrive at the same time and the waitress comes back to help with a couple of queries with no fuss and genuine interest.

With great food, outstanding coffee and views that are unrivalled, this place is definitely a must-see.


WHERE: Pier Terminus, Marine Pde, New Brighton

CONTACT: 03 388 4493,

WHEN: Monday to Sunday, 8.30am to 4pm

WHAT'S TO EAT: Typical cafe fare but there is a wide-ranging menu worth a second look.

HOW MUCH: $105 (this included some sides for the kids and two drinks for the thristy young ones).

WHAT DO WE THINK: Top-notch food in a stunning setting.

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