Cheetah cubs on display at Orana Park

02:52, Dec 31 2013
Cheetah cubs Lion and Boo
SURVIVORS: Orana Wildlife Park animal keeper Sam Jeune with cheetah cubs Lion and Boo.

Orana Wildlife Park's cheetah cubs Boo and Lion have been unveiled to the public for the first time today.

The eight-week-old male cubs had been scheduled to make their first public appearance on Boxing Day, but bad weather delayed their big reveal until today. 

Orana Park's Will Frost said the cubs would be in and out of their display, located near the park's lion reserve, throughout the day as they got used to being in the public gaze. 

Boo and Lion were among a litter of four born to mother Mazza. Their siblings died. Zookeepers feared Boo and Lion might not survive either.

The hand-reared pair was now thriving, boosting Orana's total number of cheetah to 15, Frost said.

Those keen to see the pair are advised to do so quickly though, as Boo and Lion will be transferred to Wellington Zoo next year.


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